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Natural hair styling begins and ends with your hands. From detangling to twisting to braiding to coiling to separating and fluffing -- it's all in the fingers. 

What if there was a product that could improve your styling process?  What if there was a product that could improve the curl definition in your favorite styles?

Think about the process (after you’ve washed, detangled, or maybe even blow dried your hair) when you’re ready to style your hair.  You probably start by sectioning your hair, but then you stop.  Then, you pick up a comb and part your hair.  Then, you pick up a brush and smooth your strands. Then, you put down the brush and pick up strands of your hair again to twist, braid, or coil. Repeat that series again and again x 50.  Sound familiar? How many times have you thought that “there has to be another way” while styling your hair? 


What if you don't have shoulder length or beyond hair?  

How many times when braiding or twisting have loose hairs crossed strands?  You try your best to keep the strands separate using your nails but there's always that one hair that crosses over. How many times have you unraveled your twist or braid to see your definition turn into frizzy pieces? That one stray hair messed up the definition for the whole batch.  Does this sound familiar?

How much detangling can your favorite detangler really do?

What would natural hair be without your favorite detangler?  We need detanglers like we need conditioner.  But how much can your detangler really do?  Every detangling tool we've searched has to be held in your hand.  It either fits in your palm or it has some type of handle.  Unless you have 8 arms like an octopus, it's impossible to detangle from the root to the tip of your strands as you twist, braid, or coil.  Sure, you can take a pause mid-twist and brush to smooth the strands.  It's still not the same. 

There is a difference in detangling from the root to the tip while twisting or braiding.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

That's because The Coil Brush was invented and designed by me -- a naturalista (shout out to black girl magic).  Not in some boardroom by folks that thunk natural hair is a trend.  I know, firsthand, from experience and created this product after realizing no tool existed.

The "OG” aka "the original" coil brush is THE first finger hair brush of its kind designed with all hair textures in mind. Now, you can detangle from root to tip while twisting.  Now, you can perfect those finger coils.  Now, you can smooth strands while you style your hair.

There are so many products on the market that focus on detangling.  How many products are out there that focus on styling? Not that many, if any.

Until now!

The Coil Brush IS innovative.  It is what happens when natural hair styling meets innovation!  It's the tool you never knew you needed.  GET YOURS TODAY!

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