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Our Story

Our Mission

Since our launch in 2019, the vision of our brand has evolved.  After creating the first ever fingertip hair brush, we realized that there weren't many styling tools (combs, brushes, etc.) designed and created by African-Americans.  Combs and brushes aren't one size fits all.  The options and variations available that address our hair needs are limited.  Different curl patterns have different needs. 

The Coil Brush is committed to filling in the gap by creating and sourcing styling tools for our (wavy, kinky, curly) hair needs.  Our goal is to provide styling tools and products that are effective, cost efficient, and will assist in streamlining your styling and grooming routines.



 The Story Behind The O.G. Fingertip Hair Brush 

"It all started with a silly idea. As a natural with thick hair, my arms would burn a few hours into styling my hair.  I probably could have committed to shedding a few pounds, but it seemed easier to invent something. (That's my attempt at being humorous.)  So, I began searching for something that could fit on my hand. When I didn't find anything that could meet that need, I started having this urge to create something.  Keep in mind, I'm not an artist and I have no background in engineering.  I was clearly out of my lane.  After several failed attempts, the design of the brush had evolved.  I had a vision and this strong desire/obsession to see how far it could go.  And before it was all said and done, I had invented something.  It's still surreal to me - that I actually invented a new hair product.  I tell people all the time if I can do this, you can do this too.  Was it easy? Heckkkkkkkkkkk no.  There were definitely some laughable moments.  Definitely some moments that I had to convince myself that a finger brush was not a dumb idea.  And probably a hundred different times that I fake quit only to pick back up a few minutes later.  It's part of the process that makes you resilient and even more committed to following your vision wherever and on whatever path it leads you.  The only thing worse than a failure is the person that never tried.  If you are a business owner or aspiring to be one, keep pushing! 

Thank You!

We are a black owned, family operated small business. We did a soft launch of the product in November 2019, and have been going strong since.  Every sale, every review, every like or share on social media, every comment ... motivates us to keep going.  It's truly appreciated and we will always make sure our customers and supporters know that!  You don't have to buy our product to support our brand.  Tell a friend to tell a friend about The Coil Brush!"