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The Coil Brush is a styling tool for natural hair. The "O.G." stands for the "original" coil brush. It is the first version of our design and the first silicone hair brush ever designed to fit on your finger.
It can be used to coil hair, but that's not exactly what the name means. If you've ever looked at an actual coil before, you know that it looks like a spring. It bends. It can stretch. And when you do either one of those things, chances are it will bounce back into it's original shape.

Remember how a slinky looked before it got all stretched out? When we think of natural hair styling and curl definition, those are the main things we want our hair to do. When we separate our twists, we want the definition to look crisp like a coil. We want to be able to pull a strand and watch it spring back into shape. Some hair textures don't do that naturally, but with good detangling, twisting or braiding we can train our hair do those things.

That's how the name came about. It wasn't about a curl pattern or a styling technique. It was about a desired look.. a desired touch .. a desired feel. And, the tool that could help you achieve it. Pretty dope, right?
Whether you have kinky, coiled, or curly hair -- the coil brushed was designed with you in mind. Results may vary on hair that is damaged or hair that is transitioning.
Place the brush on your index or middle finger. Use it to detangle small sections of wet or damp hair, to finger coil, or to smooth strands while you twist and braid. It is intended for use on wet or damp hair or stretched hair with product (mousse, curling cream, etc.) added. As you style your hair, you'll see which finger the brush works best on.

We do not recommend using The Coil Brush for the first time on wash day. We recommend that you practice using the tool before wash day on a small section of your hair. Try using the tool on different fingers as you practice your normal styling techniques.

Once you are acclimated with the tool, then introduce it to your wash day process. We know that wash day can be a tedious, cumbersome, dreaded, LONG, and/or draining but much needed process. While it makes sense logically to use introduce a new product into your process at the time, it is not the most ideal time too. So again, start small and then go big!
We don't usually like to give step-by-step instructions on how to use the brush. Instead, we give examples to show the different ways that it can be used. We know that natural hair styling is all in the fingers. Every person has their own method and techniques to get their desired look. One of the best things about natural hair is that there is no right or wrong way to style your hair.

Every single person has to figure out the best method for themselves based on how they normally style their hair.

Here are some additional tips:
* Place your thumb on the underside of the brush against the bristles to guide the tool as it glides through your hair.
* Using more than one brush at a time is a personal preference. Our videos and clips will always show one brush in use.
* To really see the difference in using the tool, do a side-by-side strand comparison of your hair with and without using The Coil Brush. You will be amazed!
To clean, rinse with water and pat dry with a towel.
No, this does not pull hair out. As with any detangler, shedded strands of hair can accumulate on the tool. Strand accumulation is typical to what you would shed using your comb or brush.

We always advise using the product on wet or damp hair.
The "O.G." comes in neon green. We thought that the bright green color would make it easy to find. You know we keep a stash of hair products! Newer versions of our product will come in a different color.
You can also purchase our product at Product Junkie DC. www.productjunkiedc.com
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