Beard Products Are Not One Size Fits All.

How many products have you tried before realizing this? 🙁

If you're not seeing results or improvement in the health and growth of your beard, chances are it could be from the products you are or aren't using.

Before you try another beard product 🛑 keep reading 🛑

Your beard matters to Us!

The Coil Brush is a black-owned, woman-owned, online retailer of natural hair styling tools. We've spent the last year in women's natural hair products but realized there was a huge gap in available products for men.

It wasn't that men didn't have the same needs (products that actually work for their hair textures). The problem was the larger hair brands weren't focusing on it. So we stepped up to fill in the gap!

Using friends and relatives as our focus group, we found that these issues were common with men with beards:

◼️ Pain Point: not having a tool that could gently comb through the thick and dense areas under the neck and chin.

◼️ pain point: For someone with Kinky or Coarse Hair, Using a Plastic or wooden comb was not ideal.  The spacing between the teeth on the comb was too close for someone with coiled sections to use.

◼️ Pain Point: Using a bristled Hair brush only smoothed hair for a few hours. Many felt like their beard knotted back up a few hours later.

So, we got in the lab and launched 2 new products addressing these issues.


Do you need a J.R.? Combo? or Both?

Eva Foam
The J.R. Brush

Pair with a facial cleanser or beard wash and exfoliate skin while smoothing strands of hair. The product has the features of a comb but in an anti-static, silicone brush. This brush can easily fit in the palm of your hand or in your pocket for on-the-go grooming.

Perfect for low beards or goatees, fine hair, curly hair, or coarse/thick beards.

Non slip surface
The Combo Brush

Gently detangle the thick spots under the neck and chin without the pain and tenderness. It can also be used in the shower to detangle short to waist-length hair and massage the scalp.

Perfect for thick, long, or coarse facial hair.

Only $6

The J.R. Brush by The Coil Brush

Exfoliate Your Skin While Smoothing Strands Of Hair. The Product Has The Features Of A Comb But In An Anti-Static, Silicone Brush.

This Brush Can Easily Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand Or In Your Pocket For On-The-Go Grooming.

Perfect For Low Beards Or Goatees, Fine Hair, Curly Hair, Or Coarse/Thick Beards.

HEAR FROM our Happy customers

Definitely a good product. Highly recommend.


Got mines today in the mail. It's wonderful flexible doesn't pull your hair out your beard and doesn't hurt when you brush it. I give this product five stars.

A. V.

The Coil Brush is everything, thank you! Excellent service and delivery. And it works wonders on my beard.


I've tried a lot of beard products, but this is the one. I can finally comb tangles under my chin without any pain.


Only $8

The Combo Brush by The Coil Brush

Gently Detangle The Thick Spots Under The Neck And Chin Without The Pain And Tenderness. It Can Also Be Used In The Shower To Detangle Short To Waist-Length Hair And Massage The Scalp.

Perfect For Thick, Long, Or Coarse Facial Hair.

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