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For Grooming on the Go

When you're on the go and need to touch up your beard or goatee ... add a brush to your gym bag, leave it in your car, or fit one in your pocket.  

For Daily Grooming

Add a detangling brush to your daily routine. Pair with your favorite beard wash or beard oil to gently detangle and smooth strands of facial hair.

Bundle & Save $

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Beard Bundle - Combo, J.R., & Boss Brush - The Coil Brush

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The Combo

Best Use: Coarse, Kinky, or Curly Facial Hair

The Combo Brush is a handheld detangling brush with flexible rows of rounded tip bristles. The flexible rows allow the brush to gently glide through thick, dense sections of hair without the painful pulling or tugging.

If you have a long-haired beard or have thick sections of hair under your chin, this brush is perfect for you.

Healthier Hair Starts Here

The Combo | Hair & Beard Brush | The Coil Brush - The Coil Brush

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The J.R.

Best Use: Fine, Coarse, Kinky, or Curly Facial Hair

The J.R. Brush is a custom designed product by The Coil Brush. It's a handheld brush with rounded tip bristles that are equally spaced apart. This silicone brush allows you to comb through and smooth strands of facial hair. Similar in function to a beard comb, but minus the painful pulling and tugging. This brush can be paired with a beard wash or facial moisturizer to exfoliate skin. It's small enough to fit in your pocket for those on the go touch-ups.

The Boss.

Best Use: Fine, Coarse, Kinky, or Curly Hair

The Boss Brush is an oval shaped, handheld brush that can be used on hair or on the face. This is a wooden brush with semi-firm bristles. Functions also as WAVE and SCALP Brush. Use to smooth strands of hair. 

See Our Products In Action!

"The Coil Brush is everything, thank you! Excellent service and delivery. And it works wonders on my beard."


28 DEC 2020, 12:21

"Got mines today in the mail. It's wonderful flexible doesn't pull your hair out your beard and doesn't hurt when you brush it. I give this product five stars."


15 JAN 2021, 14:42

"I've tried a lot of beard products, but this is the one. I can finally comb tangles under my chin without any pain."


15 FEB 2021, 14:42

Your Beard Matters to Us

When it comes to brushes for grooming facial hair, do these pain points sound familiar?

◼️ Pain Point: Not Having A Tool That Could Gently Comb Through The Thick And Dense Areas Under The Neck And Chin.

◼️ Pain Point: Using A Plastic Or Wooden Comb Is Not Ideal

For Someone With Kinky Or Coarse Hair. The Spacing Between The Teeth On A Comb Is Too Close For Someone With Coiled or Curly Sections Of Hair.

◼️ Pain Point: Using A Bristled Hair Brush Only Smoothed Hair For A Few Hours. I Feel Like My Beard Tangles A Few Hours Later.

We Found That These Were Common Issues For Men. Our Products Touch Every Single One Of These Pain Points.

◼️ The Coil Brush Solution: Brushes that gently comb and detangle thick sections of facial hair under chin and neck area.

◼️ The Coil Brush Solution: Our brushes are similar in function to as comb but minus the painful pulling and tugging of facial hair. Our products are useful through all stages of hair growth.

◼️ The Coil Brush Solution: Detangling your facial hair from the root daily trains the hair on how to lay. Hair in it's natural state needs to be trained through care and a consistent regimen.

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